Theme: Recent advances and further challenges in Pharmaceutics

Asia Pharmaceutics 2021

Asia Pharmaceutics 2021

Conference Series LLC Ltd is going to host “Asia Pacific Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Congress” which is going to be held during , December  13-14 ,2021 in Conference with the theme “Recent advances and further challenges in Pharmaceutics”. We are welcoming all the Speakers and Delegates from every corner of the World to join us at Asia Pacific Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Congress (Asia Pharmaceutics 2021). Asia Pharmaceutics 2021 is going to offer scientific talks by Keynote Speakers, Oral talks, Symposiums, Poster Presentation, Exhibitions and many more.

Asia Pharmaceutics 2021 will offer an International platform where Scholars and experts belonging to the Pharmaceutical background and working in that field can showcase their scientific work, research based on the following topics such as Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy, Drug delivery, Drug targeting and many more. Industries related to Pharmaceutical and Drug manufactures are all invited to showcase their advanced product so that their products can get exposure. Our main agenda is to share the latest information on Pharmaceutics for the betterment of mankind.

Track 1-Pharmacogenetics – It’s the study of how a human body react differently against drugs and drug therapies, these changes are determined by the human genetic makeup or genes. This is the main reason why each and every human react differently towards a similar drug. This study helps drug manufacturers and providers to choose the right amount of dose for each individual patient, which is likely to work best on that patient’s body.

Track 2-Personalized medicine- Medical treatments often react differently on each patients, in this case personalized medicine helps to predict the possible reaction a patient’s body might have after the administration of drug, and customized medical treatment is provided to the patient. This method is a breakthrough treatment process but it studies the patients’ unique molecular reaction to a certain disease.

Track 3-Neuropharmacology- To study the cellular function of the nervous system and the neural mechanism of a person after taking a drug. There are two main categories of neuropharmacology i.e., behaviour and molecular. Behavioural Neuropharmacology deals with the study of how drugs affect the behavioural characteristic in patients, patient’s dependency on drug and addition towards the drug. Molecular Neuropharmacology involves the study of neurological reaction a person has towards a drug.

Track 4-Pharmacognosy- It includes the study of physical, biochemical and biological characteristics of drugs derived from natural origins.

Track 5-Drug design and development-   Drug design is the process of discovering and designing new drugs, medication based on the knowledge of the targeted molecule. The drug acts as an activator/inhibitor on the biological molecule such as protein and hence in turn results in a therapeutic benefit to the affected person.

Track 6-Adaptation of AI in Pharmaceutical Industry- The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical industry has made a difficult task easier such as lab test analysis, identifying inefficiencies, sensing the person’s medication need and monitoring, providing prescribed advice based on the patient’s medical records. The application of AI in the pharmaceutical industry is expanding day by day and helping to complete the complex and time taking task.

Track 7-Phenotypic drug discovery- It’s the process of designing of drug that will target the small molecules such as peptides, RNAi, protein molecules, which results in the alteration of the phenotype of a cell or an organism in the desired manner.

Track 8-Drug delivery technologies- Advanced drug delivery technologies enhance the absorption rate of drug, efficacy and the experience of patients towards the drug.

Track 9-Challenges and approaches in Pharmaceutical research-  The pharmaceutical industry is growing day by day with the introduction of new technologies but still, it is facing hurdles such as skilled professionals, increase in the development cost, protecting the new innovations.

Track 10-Nanomedicine- Nanomedicine provides clinically useful devices and research tools to the pharmaceutical industry. It initiates an advanced commercial application in the pharmaceutical industry which includes drug delivery system, therapies, in vivo imaging and many more.

Track 11-Drug Discovery and ScreeningIt’s the process of designing a drug based on the targeted molecule and testing it for further modification, the testing of drugs is usually done by high-throughput screening (HTS).

Track 12-BiopharmaceuticalsThey are also named as a biological medical products. These drugs are extracted or semi synthesized from biological sources. These sources are mainly composed of sugars, proteins, nucleic acids, living cells or tissues.

Track 13-Biomaterials in Drug DeliveryThe application of biomaterials in the drug delivery system has overcome the limitation we were facing in delivering drugs. It has increased the bioavailability at the site, reducing the side effect of drugs, designing drugs which are selective to specific organs/parts.

Importance and Scope:

The Pharmaceutical industry has an important role in designing and developing drugs, vaccines. It plays a significant role to treat diseases and more importantly to improve the quality of life. The Pharmaceutical industry is mostly engaged in the technological advancement through scientific research so that it can encounter the demand of the large population in the healthcare sector. The widespread presence of chronic diseases and the growing demand of medication has become a driving force for the pharmaceutical industry to grow rapidly. The discovery of pathogens and development of drugs to treat the patients also contribute to the increasing growth of pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is classified into tablets, capsules, powders, emulsions and many others. There is a rise in demand of oral based medicine due to their ease in availability, dosage and affordability.

Growth of Pharmaceutical Industry in recent years:

According to a recent market research on Pharmaceutical Market by the Business research Company the pharmaceutical industry market was worth $934.8 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $1170 billion in 2021 growing at the rate of 5.8%. Globally, America is the largest Pharmaceutical manufactures, and is expected to grow to $320 billion by 2020. The Asia Pacific region is also expected to grow because of is rapidly growing Countries like China, which is soon going to be the World’s second largest Pharmaceutical market. Countries such as Japan, India, and South Korea are expecting huge sales as a result of adaptation of healthy lifestyle, expanding medical tourism, low labour cost.

Top Pharmaceutical association in the world:

  • International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
  • International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF)
  • American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)
  • American Pharmacists Association (APhA)
  • American Society for Pharmacy Law
  • American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)
  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)
  • Professional Compounding Centers of America
  • American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)
  • College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP)
  • European Association of Employed Community Pharmacists in Europe (EPhEU)
  • Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU)
  • Australian College of Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia

Top Pharmaceutical Industry in the world:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Novartis
  • Roche
  • Pfizer
  • Sanofi
  • Merck
  • GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • AstraZeneca
  • Bayer
  • Gilead Sciences

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Conference Date December 13-14, 2021
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